Utility Driven NFTs

Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter of instrument building. Crispe is the first decentralized acoustic guitar builder in history.

Holders of our Community Build NFTs will be able to vote on specific designs, materials and artistic decisions that will be made on the CrispeNFTs Community acoustic guitar builds.

An Ecosystem Built For The Inquiring Mind

Our mission is to create a project with unique interaction with the builder of fine instruments through utility driven Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

These NFTs, will be used to engage a community of like minded individuals who appreciate fine arts, music, craftsmanship, and blockchain.

CrispeNFTs Community Build NFTs will give access to an exclusive membership to gain access to a governance application to determine material and artistic desicions of building custom acoustic guitars. Those who participate in the build have a chance to win the corresponding CrispeNFTs Community Build Guitar.

"Reborn" Collaboration with Jonny Lawrence

"Whether we remain the ash or become the Phoenix is up to us."

- Ming-Dao Deng.

Click below to read about this One of a Kind Guitar and NFT Collaboration between Crispe and Jonny Lawrence.

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"Tidal" Collaboration with Jonny Lawrence

Every NFT purchased is a raffle ticket to win this custom acoustic guitar made by Crispe.

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